Get into Marty McFly-Mode with your own Hendo Hoverboard!

Taking place in 2015, “Back to the Future Part II” had some amazing movie inventions. According to the movie released in 1989, we’re a year away from wearing double ties, driving flying cars and cruising around on hover boards.

We may not be close to developing a true flying car and double ties still look silly, but thanks to Hendo Hover, we should be seeing a true hoverboard by this time next year.

Sure, there have been “hoverboards” that use leaf blowers and a bubble of air to glide along the floor. Utah-based Rocky Mountain Flyboard has even made a device that allows you to soar through the air – given that you’re in a large body of water and you have your own boat to hook it up to.

The Rocky Mountain Flyboard allows you to soar above the waters!


The writers of the “Back to the Future” trilogy,  Bob Gale and Robert Zemickis, envisioned their hoverboards using magnetic levitation – not leaf blowers or water jets to achieve the floating. The Hendo Hoverboard is the closest thing we get to being Marty McFly.

The Hendo Hoverboard, the brainchild of Greg Henderson,  uses patented Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) to achieve a stable ride height of about an inch. The prototype can hold up to 500 pounds without straining itself, but it needs a non-ferrous surface to achieve levitation – meaning users won’t be able to fly over lakes anytime soon. They launched their Kickstarter on Tuesday and in less than two days, they’ve already reached their goal of $250,000. If you want to own one of the first few production boards, you’ll have to fork over $10,000. But there are other options on their site – if you donate $100, they’ll give you a 5-minute ride on their hoverboard. Because the hoverboard needs a special surface, they also plan on making a skatepark just for the hoverboard with the money raised. Or if you want to tinker with their MFA technology, you can buy their Whiteboxes for a few hundred bucks. These Whiteboxes operate under the same principal as the hoverboard, but the Whitebox+ version gives you an app that allows you to control the levitating box with your phone.



A rendering of Hendo’s Hoverpark


Henderson admits that his intention for the hoverboard was not to replicate the one in BTTF2, but to use the technology in buildings. Henderson is originally an architect and was inspired by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. He imagines scaling the MFA technology to levitate buildings in the event of a catastrophe. It could be implemented in hospitals or other sensitive structures in an effort to negate the havoc of California’s long awaited big earthquake.

It seems that Back to the Future had some great ideas, but we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. Remember the Nike Air Mag? The self-lacing hi-top sneakers Marty dons when he arrives in 2015? The designer, Tinker Hatfield, claims that Nike holds a patent for the self-lacing system. Although they’ve already released an official Air Mag shoe in 2011 with glowing lights – it did not have the powerlaces featured in the film. But if you’re not keen on shelling out thousands of dollars on the official Nike shoe, Universal Studios has replicas – sans swoosh – for less than $100. Complete the look this Halloween with a puffer vest and a transmetallic cap and you’ve got a costume!

mcfly repro

This time next year, we would have arrived in 2015 – the same time as Marty McFly did in the second installation. What other tech do you think we’ll see come to life?

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