Who Gave us Google Glass?

Our team got a chance to check out Google Glass! What Google Glass essentially does is simple tasks your smart phone can achieve, but it’s completely hands-free. You operate the functions by saying “OK Glass,” followed by the command. Pretty simple and yet very, very exciting. It’s not available to the general public right now which is why we were excited when we got one to experiment with.


This is how they envisioned it:


Here are a few ways we would like to see it evolve:


Andrew: “I would like glass to act as a 3rd screen for when I am developing intense 3D models. I would like the glass to show me the inside of the models plus detail, like dimensions and angles or cross-sections. It could also show me a rendered look, so that I can get a feel for the product in real life during the design process.”


Vic: What does the future look like for this product in the gaming world?  “Google glass removes the necessity of using a TV to project images. In the near future, developers will create games specifically tailored for Google Glass. Augmented reality games and first person shooter is the two areas where I think this product will find great success.”

Felix: “I see it being beneficial for security: spys, security guards, cops, CIA/FBI. Also, this product could be great for photographers–Geo-tag photos to know exact location where photographer takes their photos which can include the coordinate of the location.”


Rian: “I see it more for other people who travel/tourists. For example, if someone is sight seeing, looks at a monument, Google Glass can automatically show you details of that object or view.”



We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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