Google Wants You to Share Your Knowledge with a .HOW Domain

Google has released a new .HOW domain name aimed at educating anyone about anything.

From the Google and Your Business blog, the company stated its motivation for creating the domain:

“Since its inception, the Internet has been a powerful platform to share knowledge, connect with others, and search for information. We turn to the web to learn how to look great, make a killer banh mi, impress a French woman, speak, play, learn, and live — the list goes on. Indeed, more people search for “how” than any of the five “W”s, finding their answers in blogs, videos, online books, interactive tutorials and other corners of the web.”

With the .HOW domain, people can share their knowledge about their specific interests and how to do things. Creating a new channel for learning will undoubtedly help pique interests as users can quickly find sites that offer the necessary content.

The new domain will allow businesses and companies to engage the masses through product and service education. A few companies are already using the website and you can learn how to skydive or remodel your home into a smart and sustainable habitat.

The new domain names start at $34.99 a month and you can get your own at!

What .HOW website would you like to see?

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