Stretch Anywhere with the GoRoll Foam Roller

If you’re reading this at a computer and you’re mashing your back wondering how to get rid of the chronic ache that plagues your entire existence: look no further.

GoRoll is the answer!

At DelaBuzz we had a chance to try out the GoRoll, and while we’re not going to share unflattering pictures of us on the floor rolling our backs out, the results were fantastic.

A single, slow, steady roll and you can feel days worth of built-up tension crumble away.

I instantly felt increased circulation and a general sense of relaxation.

I recommend that everyone have a foam roller, any foam roller. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym rat, professional athlete or an experienced couch potato. Using a foam roller helps stretch and ease muscles in a way similar to a massage.

But why pick GoRoll over other foam rollers?

I find it to be superior for two reasons.


Storage capabilities.

The GoRoll is waterproof, airtight, and combination locking. Ditch the bag, and carry all your workout gear with you wherever you roll! The combination lock ensures your valuables will be safe. Although we don’t recommend it, you can even swim with your Go Roll and its contents will stay nice and dry!



Carrying strap.

Sling it across your back and stretch out whenever the need arises!


 Visit their website for more information.

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