Happy birthday to Raymond Loewy!

At ANDESIGN, our inspiration for design comes from many places, especially from the pioneers of our industry. Industrial Design started in the in the early 1920’s  but was really brought to light by post World War 2 designers like Raymond Lowey.  Today we are celebrating his birthday by compiling a few of our favorite designs by the “Father of Industrial Design”.

We all agree that the majority of his designs are far more appealing then much of what we see today. His use of balance and simple forms, combined with engineering technology, are an inspiration for our design sense.

Here are a few of our favorites…hope you agree!

Loewy industrial design 1 Loewy industrial design 2 Loewy industrial design 3 Loewy 4 Loewy 5 Loewy 6 Loewy 7

For more info on Raymond Lowey visit http://www.raymondloewy.com/

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