F518 Idea Land: ANDesign’s new office in Shenzhen

F518 Idea Land was established in 2007 as part of China’s eleventh Five-Year Plan to make Shenzhen stronger through the development of its culture. Through merging both the creative and industrialization, F518 Idea Land hopes to flourish as a hub for art, design, and digital media located in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen. The local government plans to develop more than 60 acres of land into a creative space and business park.


Scale models of the proposed buildings

Being located in the manufacturing capital of the world, China is hoping to foster the growth of creative minds and expand upon the booming industrialization that is happening across the country. It would be interesting to see what comes out of this landmark. There are already artists, musicians, designers, writers, animators and filmmakers signing up for studios in Idea Land. The local space is also allowing for the building of an Avant-Garde Hotel (see featured image). It’s an intriguing building that looks like giant Tetris blocks dropped from the sky.




This furnished office shows the potential work space layout.

Idea Land has its very own Exhibition Center that will host galleries, creative symposiums , performance exhibitions and other events. Between the vivid landscaping and imaginative community, F518 is on track to becoming a cultural landmark, which could rival the Western creative cores of New York or Silicon Valley. 

IMG_1194 IMG_1202

ANDesign felt that it was the perfect location for it’s newest office in China. The aesthetic landscape and physical proximity to manufacturing factories made it the ideal candidate for the latest establishment.


Art Base No. 37 Store Front, Home of ANDesign Idea Land




Here are some pictures of the new office:





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