IKEA’s Line Of Wireless Charging Furniture Will Soon Be In Every Home

Tangled cords, power strips and extension cords are soon to be things of the past with IKEA’s new line of wireless charging furniture. Nominated for SXSW’s 2016 Innovation Award, IKEA’s wireless charging solutions are sure to be quickly adopted and implemented into every home by the masses.


The wireless chargers are designed to blend seamlessly into everyday home furniture, like lamps, nightstands and end tables, making them all but invisible. IKEA also has wireless charging pads that can be placed anywhere around the house (i.e. on a shelf, windowsill, table or counter), or can be used to turn already existing pieces of furniture into wireless charging stations.


IKEA’s Qi-certified wireless charging technology is similar to Powermat, the vendor that Starbucks partnered with last year to implement its charging stations inside coffee shops across the country, and is its biggest competition. All you have to do is place your mobile device on the plus sign to begin charging. IKEA’s wireless charging stations provides a powerful 5 watt charge, and most customers say the charging time is not noticeably different from a lightning cable.


Unfortunately, not all smartphones and tablets are compatible with IKEA’s wireless charging furniture. A bunch of Android phones come with Qi capabilities (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Nexus 4-7, most newer Nokia phones and a few Motorola phones), however, Apple has yet to install any kind of wireless charging technology into its iPhones – here’s to hoping for the iPhone 7! If you do have an iPhone or older Android, no need to worry, IKEA sells cases that allow smartphones to work with its wireless charging furniture and pads. Due to the cheap looking plastic, and bulkiness, of the cases, you would need to get over the less than stellar aesthetics in order to make your smartphone Qi compatible – the one caveat to IKEA’s wireless charging furniture.


Wireless charging will soon be as common and accessible as Wi-Fi, the question is when will Apple and other smartphone providers implement this technology?  

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