iPort & ANDESIGN Collaboration

November 6th 2013 – Costa Mesa, CA – ANDESIGN announces its collaboration of Industrial Design and Mechanical Design with iPort on “Charge Case and Stand”. iPort’s Charge Case and Stand is a whole new way to use an iPad.  Integrating iPad with a charging case, adjustable stand, and being able to view iPad in multiple positions while charging creates a revolutionary iPad user experience.  Additionally, eliminating the charging cables from the equation sets this product design apart from all the rest in its class.

“We were really excited to be a part of the project, and were able to deliver a prototype and industrial design that met iPort’s requirements on the product” says Andrew Namminga, Founder of ANDESIGN.  “With our history in the CE design space, especially around iOS products, the project was a challenge that we could definitely meet.”

“iPort is ecstatic to deliver a new capability to the consumer electronics market that gives iPad users both a protective case and an adjustable stand that together easily charge iPads. ANDESIGN, was an important component of our design team that helped make our vision a reality,” said Greg Pearly, Director of Product Development & Engineering at Dana Innovations.

The magic behind the product concept is a design that leverages the best parts of a charger, case and stand as they work together in concert.

The iPort team envisioned providing a very thin iPad case that is able to charge, hold, and protect iPad. Inside the case is a conductive charging mechanism that allows the iPad to start charging as soon as it’s mounted onto the base.  In order to make sure the charge pins were in contact with the case in a secure and accurate fashion, a magnetic return system was created to bring the iPad in the correct position, making for an effortless wireless mounting and charging system.

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