Review : LUMOS, The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet


Woooo. It’s that time again to do a product review!

We got the privilege of receiving the first round of LUMOS, The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet through their Kickstarter some time back. It was nice to see the fruition of the product into market.

Lumos is a wearable technology brand, re-imagining the humble bicycle helmet (not so humble anymore!).

The Lumos Helmet is the world’s first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole.

The fit of the helmet was nice and snug, and it was so easy to use.

Ultrabright white LEDs in the front and super bright red LEDs in the rear provide over 80 lumens of illumination to ensure that you stand out on the road.

Lumos features bright left and right turn signals on the helmet activated via a wireless remote attachment on your handlebar. The handlebar remote is small, unobtrusive, easy to remove, water resistant, and lasts for months before requiring a charge of battery. It was as easy as pushing the left or right button.

Even cooler….Lumos senses when you slow down, and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red.

Check out our review video in the box below:

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