An Anti-Gravity Robot that Builds 3D Objects on Any Surface

The Mataerial, a revolutionary new method of additive manufacturing (patent pending) is unlike any 3D printer on the market.Words can not even describe how awesome the Mataerial is, so just watch this video and see for yourself!

Mataerial is an anti-gravity 3D modeling (AGM) tool that can create structures in the air. Contrary to traditional 3D printers, the Mataerial draws 3D objects both vertically and horizontally with grace and precision through the use of thermosetting polymers rather than thermoplastics.  With the flexibility to make natural 3D curves without any support structure, the Mataerial has attained the innovative and technical excellence that could revolutionize the way we manufacture goods. This highly advanced robot is the result of a collaboration of three highly skilled designers with a focus on architecture and robots design. For more about the Mataerial visit the team’s website and blog.


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