Meet Our Designer: Felix Danishwara

We wanted you guys to have a chance to get to know the people who make ANDesign such an efficient product design company and an awesome team to be a part of. Here we go!

Name:  Felix Danishwara

Title: Jr. Industrial Designer


What inspired you to go into industrial design?

“I’ve always been an artsy person, and design is just one of the things I have loved since I was young–I was fascinated by it. My Dad is a furniture designer and he built his dream with his hands, he even had a factory of his own. I also like the attention to detail that is put into a product which makes the product more thoughtful and purposeful for the users.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Music – guitar, piano, drum and bass.
Photography – Landscape photography, Journalistic photography, Portraits, and also Street Photography.
Travel – I love to explore new grounds and experience new things.” 

Fun Fact:
  • Felix was born and raised in Indonesia: he moved here when he was 17 to attend college, to become independent and because he loves the culture of California/United States. 

Here are some of Felix’ photography photos:

felix1 felix2

If you want to check out more of his work here’s his portfolio:

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