Meet our MakerBot

It’s here! It’s here! Our MakerBot Replicator 2 has arrived and it feels like Christmas morning here at ANDESIGN! Picking the best desktop 3D printer for our design studio was no easy feat and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. A substantial upgrade from the original Replicator, the Replicator 2 features a larger build envelope, a more efficient 3-point leveling system and impressive 100 micron (approx. 1/250-inch) resolution. It is also optimized for use with PLA plastic, which is much easier to print than the ABS used by the 1st generation model.

Having in-house 3D printing capabilities has been of monumental benefit to our team at ANDESIGN. It allows for unilateral control over the product form and feel, which in turn leads to increased innovation and creativity. Rather than waiting weeks for outsourced prototypes, we can create as many revisions ourselves in a matter of minutes. In the past week we have printed over 20 items for clients within our own facility. Watch how we brought a few 3D CAD keychain models  to life with the click of a button.


Setting up the CAD models prior to printing on the MakerBot


Next up…ANDESIGN keychains!


Finished product. Pretty cool huh?


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