How to Meet Year End Ship Dates

If you’re working on a new product there are a multitude of obstacles you need to overcome.

If you’re planning on manufacturing overseas you have to consider Chinese New Year and how it affects manufacturing and shipping.


Did you know that the factories in China are closed towards the end of January and most of February?

Leading up to these dates (and directly after) freight prices increase and ocean freight becomes completely unavailable.


That is why it’s important to work with a contract manufacturer or design firm that is familiar with this timeline.

Vanessa Vigeron, Project Manager at ANDesign has developed a Chinese New Year product development schedule.

She determined that, in order to meet end of year shipping deadlines, the last day to kick off tooling is August, 7th.

This sort of foresight is essential to successful product development.

While it is still possible to create a new product at a later date, the cost will increase.


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