“Millennial” marketing has gotten out of hand and here’s how to fix it

Well, it has been out of hand.

Native marketing was one thing, using Instagram influencers was another but now the brands are really just shamelessly riding the trends.

Brands like McDonalds and Taco Bell are coming off like parents trying to be hip to their children.


Well, Millennials don’t want to be their friend and they never will.

(If you’re thinking to yourself “well, i’d like to see some statistics or a case study…” you’re part of the problem.)

In my opinion, they’d have a much better chance of reaching millennials through nostalgia or by adding quality conscious menu items.

I don’t blame the brands entirely.

Creepy old man publications like Forbes drool over millennials.

This fascination characterizes exactly how marketers fail to understand young people and internet culture.

You can’t “Step 1: Be Authentic with your Messaging”

If you’re reading that on a “How to Market to Millennials list” and you say to yourself “hmm, i’d never thought of that” than it’s too late.

The thing is, no matter how hard brands try to appeal to millennials, they don’t stand a chance at being cool compared to new and hip startup companies.

But there is a way for them to reach millennials.

Ditch the sideways cap, own your father figure status, be the big grown up responsible brand you’re supposed to be.

Make responsible changes not to your marketing, but to the quality of your product (I.E. Starbucks cold brew.)

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