MIPOW Bluetooth Speaker

One of Andrew’s favorite activities to do during his travel in Asia is to seek

out new innovative products, and bring them home for the team here at ANDesign to

review and investigate. On his most recent rip to Shenzhen he discovered the MIPOW

line of portable Bluetooth speakers.


My name is Jacquelyn and I’m the new Marketing Assistant at ANDesign.

Andrew asked me to take his newest discovery out for a test on my activities for the day.




This portable, Bluetooth connecting speaker packs a mean punch in its not-
so-mini amplifying abilities. Equipped with wrist-strap, the BOOM Mini is perfect for

my morning walk with the watchdogs of ANDesign. After work, it accompanied me

into my car (due to a busted radio) where I was able to blast my music so loud I was

able to forget about the bumper-to-bumper traffic I was sitting in. Later, the Mini

was perfect for a little gathering in a friend’s backyard where the wine glasses were

never empty and the rowdiness that came with it could not drown out the music

blasting from the miniature speaker.


The BOOM Mini is sleek in its compact design and the multitude of colors it

comes in. It’s sure to follow the team here around on our numerous escapades.

The technical details of the Boom are also impressive. The 2in x 2in x 2.75in

compact size, and Aluminum and rubber body provide a very solid robust feel and

deep sound quality. 9 hours of play time, and the ability for multi point pairing are

both key features that separate this speaker from the competition.


Overall we are all very impressed with the quality of the sound and feel of the

speaker, this is definitely a winner in our book and a great find by Andrew!


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  1. Jodi says:

    So sorry to hear you have been poorly i hope your ear inteoficn improves quickly for you. But i have to say you still look gorgeous loving the maxi dress. And bless Jess far to cute for words. Take it easy and take lots of care, dee xxx

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