National Association Music Merchants Exclusive: iRig Nano Amp

With the National Association of Music Merchants approaching us next month, don’t be surprised to see them on your timelines.  NAMM strives to bring out more than 1,000 music vendors exhibiting over 6,000 brands.  Plus, attendees are able to choose from 120+ educational sessions and even more networking events.

If you’re a musician, NAMM is the place to be! If you’re a tech nerd, NAMM is also the place to be! This tradeshow is the perfect blend of such.

One of the promising products for this year, one that caught my attention, was the iRig Nano Amp for guitarists and bassists on the go.

The versatile handheld, super compact micro amp has a built-in iOS interface. iRig Nano Amp gives players both a standalone portable guitar amplifier PLUS an interface that lets them plug their guitar into an iPhone or iPad and use Amplitude for iOS to access an unlimited and inspirational world of guitar tones on the go.

What makes iRig Nano Amp so unique is that you can operate it in two different modes: AMP & DEVICE. In AMP mode it’s a standalone amp for impromptu practice anywhere. In DEVICE mode you use it as an interface and amp for your iOS device.

It’s the first micro amp and interface for mobile guitarists.

iRig Nano Amp is compact – it’s just slightly larger than an iPhone and features a handy “kickstand” for tilting back the unit for better monitoring. Check out the video below to see.

The battery powered amp will be  priced at $/€49.99 (excluding taxes).

Let us know what you think! Also, let us know if you’ll be at NAMM 2017.

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