Must Share: Parrot’s Affordable Drones

If you’re like me and you’d love a drone, but you’re not willing to fork out over a grand to have one, then Parrot has the products for you.

They have a diverse selection of affordable drones with unique sets of capabilities.

The Rolling Spider – $99.99

It rolls, it fly’s, but it doesn’t shoot video.


The Bebop – $499.99 – 899.99(with controller)

This is the deluxe model, it flys, it films, and it has the most advanced controller that works with an iPad for live streaming using the Bebop’s built-in camera.


and they don’t all fly…


The Jumping Sumo – $159.99

This drone doesn’t fly, but it can jump, and it has a built-in camera.



Considering the FAAs new regulations on flying drones, the Jumping Sumo might the best choice.

Which one do you want the most?

For more information visit Parrot’s website.




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