Nuovoliola ’10: Innovative Space Saving Done Right

The Nuovoliola ’10 is an ideal space saving design. It’s a self-standing, queen sized convertible sofa bed with a sleek exterior that embodies timeless construction and efficient innovation. Equipped with a shelf—in which your items stay put during conversion—as well as storage underneath the seat of the sofa makes this find optimal for a studio apartment or guest room.

When working with a small home it’s hard to find balance between great design, durability and, of course, storage. The Nuovoliola ’10 should help you solve some (or all) off your problems.


nuovoliola1 nuovoliola2 nuovoliola3

And for those of us who aren’t packing the cash to attain the Nuovoliola, here are some ideas that won’t break the bank…

Four models

For you DIY people, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a bed (or any storage space for that matter) that is practical, while maintaining a classic appeal. The best thing about building your own space is you can customize it to accommodate whatever it is you are storing, build it to the quality of your liking, stay within your budget, and of course, the bragging rights/satisfaction of finishing your own project.

Twin DIY bed

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