2nd Annual NYE Grand Park Celebration + 3D Lightshow: Photos

On New Year’s Eve, Los Angeles residents witnessed one of the largest 3D digital mapping displays in Los Angeles history.

The display was part of The Music Center’s 2nd Annual Grand Park N.Y.E with content conceived by Garson Yu, artistic director of

the award-winning design studio yU+co, in collaboration with the Grand Park team.

Our writer Ben Balana was there and took plenty of pictures so that you could enjoy the experience as well; check them out.

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yU+co originally gained prominence in Hollywood for its innovative work in designing main titles for movies and television. Since then, the studio has expanded its repertoire into other areas of design, visual communication and experiential media. Last year, Garson Yu earned critical and public acclaim for his groundbreaking public art installation The Interactive New York (T.I.N.Y.) featured at New York’s Pier 57.

The studio’s work in Hollywood and beyond caught the eye of the organizers of the Grand Park event. “Garson and yU+co excel in design artistry and short-form narration,” says Grand Park Programming Director Julia Diamond. “We saw that in their main titles for Oz, The Great and Powerful, Life of Pi and many other films. They know how to tell stories that instantly captivate an audience. That was very important for this project.”


The Grand Park N.Y.E. L.A. projection mapping display was more than 10 months in the making. yU+co’s production team recorded dozens of hours of live action footage featuring local arts organizations, city landmarks, public events and ordinary citizens. Digital artists produced original graphics and animation. Multimedia programmers developed more than five hours of real-time equalizer sound visuals.

Carol Wong, VP/Executive Producer of yU+co says that the scale and complexity of the project, it’s unusual format, and its use of emerging audio, visual and projection technologies inspired the studio’s designers, artists and producers. “We were thrilled to take on the challenge of filling a 3-dimensional vertical canvas standing 22 stories high,” she observes. “It gave us an opportunity to apply our technical and creative skills in a new and dramatic way. The passion and energy that our team brought to the task is clearly evident in the results.”


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