On Visiting the Endeavour

We recently let you know that museums in Southern California were free on Saturday the 25th and decided that we would take advantage of this opportunity.

Which of the many amazing museums did we choose? The California Science Center–we wanted to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Here’s some of the sights we saw on our way to see the Space Shuttle:





About the Endeavour…


First they take you into a room full of information about the Space Craft and artifacts: 


Where it was built:

It was built locally in California! The parts were manufactured in Downey and assembled in Palmdale.

How it was named:

NASA held a contest for school children around the country to have the opportunity to name the new OV- 105 (Endeavour). In 1989 the winning schools were announced– one in Mississippi and one Georgia–with the name Endeavour which was originally the name of a British Royal Navy ship that embarked on its exploration of the South Pacific in 1768.

 Then you’re able to go into the viewing room:

image-9 image-10photo

It was absolutely incredible to see the Endeavour. Being product designers we really have an appreciation for the craftsmanship and the level of dedication it took to design, manufacture and send this vessel up into space.

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