Orange County: The New Tech Hub

The tech industry is booming in Southern California, but competition between Santa Monica and Orange County to be the new Silicon Valley is fierce. So who will be crowned victor in the “2016 Tech Games?” I think the odds are in ever in the OC’s favor, and here’s why:

1. The OC is ranked second in the US for most diverse cluster of high-tech companies
This is in comparison to huge tech states like Texas, Washington and Massachusetts. The OC is home to some of the biggest tech companies around, such as Toshiba America Software Systems, Western Digital, Vizio and Kingston, to name a few. The fact that a county can compete on the same level as a state is a big indicator that the OC will beat out LA for the coveted title of “new tech hub.”

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2. Location, location, location
What other city, county or state can boast they have not one, but three of the most well-known beaches (Huntington, Laguna and Newport) in the US? The OC is nestled nicely between LA and San Diego, which allows tech companies to draw on those large talent pools. Also, Irvine is a huge financial sector that houses tons of office space, making it a prime location for a company’s headquarters. Simply put, the OC provides a culture and lifestyle that is second to none.


3. Local universities contribute talent and research to tech companies
Local universities like Chapman University and University of California, Irvine continue to produce more and more STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) graduates. UC Irvine, along with local tech companies and angel investors, founded OCTANe OC in 2002. This catalyst provides a platform for people and ideas to connect with capital and growth – fueling the OC’s tech growth.

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4. ANDesign Lab
Here’s where the OC takes the cake – there is only one ANDesign Lab, and its home is at the heart of Orange County. One of the leading product design firms in the OC, ANDesign Lab is a fully integrated company, committed to helping companies design, engineer and deliver exceptional products. Innovative companies like ANDesign Lab, are what help blend the budding tech industry and OC community together.

The OC Metro named Orange County the “Silicon South.” With its high-tech industry on the rise, unbeatable location, endless supply of new talent and of course ANDesign Lab, the OC is sure to be the new tech hub on the West Coast.

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