New Year, new goals, new me! …or at least that’s what I tell myself every year. In reality, the actuality of me following through on my New Year’s resolutions is slim to none. Luckily, for those of you like me that need a little help in the commitment department there’s the Passion Planner.


Angelia Trinidad, CEO and founder of Passion Planner, wanted to find a way to help people, like her, who were suffering from “directionless floating.” The Passion Planner, where personal journal meets agenda, will help even the most disorganized person get focused and follow their passions.


The Passion Planner comes in two sizes – classic and compact – and is customizable to fit the needs of any individual. What really sets this planner apart from your typical agenda is that it includes areas for daily focuses, personal and work to-do lists, a goal setting guide, appointment calendar, customizable blank space and monthly reflection questions – it’s literally the life coach that fits in your backpack!


What I especially love about Passion Planner is that they are transitioning from a Kickstarter to a get-one give-one company as a way to foster a community that empowers one another. Every time someone buys a Passion Planner one will be given to a person in need. I love that this company is providing equal opportunities for everyone to attain their dreams.


Some of ANDesign Lab’s very own staff will be giving Passion Planner a test run throughout 2016. Lisa, operations manager at ANDesign, Ben, project manager at ANDesign, and Alex, executive assistant at ANDesign, all work closely with our CEO Andrew. It is vital that they manage their time efficiently, are able to look at the big picture and maintain a positive attitude while they manage all of ANDesign Lab’s affairs – no small feat.


Lisa, Ben and Alex hope to use their Passion Planners to not only start thinking about their goals, but take actions toward them in their daily lives. Who knows, I might have to jump on the bandwagon and get my own Passion Planner!


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