Work Smarter, Not Harder: 3 of our Favorite time-saving Photography Products

Here’s an interesting problem: Our cameras are getting smaller, but our hands aren’t. 

The SpiderLight Hand Strap is an intelligent solution for the challenges posed by carrying today’s smaller cameras.

Spider holsters boast a 1-to-2, hand-to-hip camera holsters as well as high quality camera hand straps, crafted and overseen by photographers themselves. These products boast comfort and efficiency for any photographer–their hand strap allows you to hook right up to a trip-pod or any other Spider adapter hassle-free.


Spider Handstrap



Figuring out how to best hold your camera has become a challenge for anyone shooting for more than a few minutes at a time. Take your camera anywhere, from the trail – to the street – to the studio, with a confident, secure, and comfortable grip using the Spider Holster.


hand strap




I’m not too sure how equipped these straps are for a large format camera, but you get the point. If you don’t know yet, you’ll see what I mean about cameras getting smaller. 

However, shooting out at night and chasing down a long-exposure while scaling a building can be strenuous no matter the equipment, although it does help to pack light (hypothetically speaking, because it is illegal to climb fire escapes to get onto rooftops of buildings of course).

From experience, gorilla pods are always coming in handy. Joby has sought out to take over the flexible-tripod market by making one of the best and most affordable ones.

They’re lightweight, for either an SLR or a camera phone. which easily attaches your point-and-shoot camera to a range of objects including any pole, railing or tree so you always get the perfect angle wherever you are.

 GPod_Hybrid_Forward_SQ gp2b-hires-branch_6



If you’re a photographer, or into photography (like me–check out my work here), you know how tedious it is to buy or use the appropriate lens, for that matter.

Firstly, it has to be from the same maker of the body. Secondly, whether you want a manual focus or an automatic focus…analog vs. digital. Lastly, you must keep in mind how much equipment you’re willing and capable of lugging around all day…



Well, Mercury: The World’s First Universal Camera will allow users to use a modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax, etc.) and using any lens. Permitting users to shoot with technologies of past and present day.


merucry 2 mercury 1 mercury
Whether the technology is nostalgic or an introduction, that is up to the user.

Sure, I’ve shot polaroids before, but never with a complete choice of lenses and full manual control. 

Get over to Mercury’s Kickstarter campaign to try and get your hands on an inexpensive piece of photographic technology. Seems like their large format models are quite popular, according to their amount of backers. Perhaps, large format photography is just more popular than medium format. 

*disclaimer, not all of the Mercury models are equipped for all formats. 

However, add-ons are available for each make and model. 

  • 6×9 Focus Calibration Back: $12
  • 6×9 Ground Glass Back: $40
  • 4×5 Limited Ground Glass Back: $45
  • Hasselblad V Back Adapter: $65
  • Mercury 23 Back Adapter: $45
  • Mercury 45 Back Adapter: $100
  • Mercury 6×9 120 Budget Back: $45
  • Mercury 35mm Panoramic Back: $45
  • Additional Lens Kit: $20
  • Ultra wide angle lens board (for ultra wide view lenses): $25
  • (By popular demand) Instax Wide back for Graflok 23: $230
  • (By popular demand) Instax Wide back for Graflok 45: $250


Let us know what your favorite photography products are.

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