Kickstarter Company Condemns Private Labeling for Crippling Consumer Electronics

The other day I forgot to charge my phone with my Jade J Tech powerbank prior to going on a Pokemon Go hunt with a couple of friends…mind you, I didn’t have any pokeballs already.

“It’s cool, it’s cool” I thought to myself. Until we got to Pacific Coast Hwy. in Huntington Beach, CA, good old Surf City USA, and we were surrounded by tons of water Pokemon…I knew I should’ve brought my #PowerBump along.

What team are you on?


Private labeling is, in short, the process of selling a product branded by one company and manufactured by another.

Why is it affecting consumer electronics?

There’s a booming private-labeling industry on Amazon in which a person buys a product in bulk off Alibaba, or an international marketplace similar to it, and then builds a brand around it. A considerable amount of these private-labelers don’t even touch the product before it ships. They simply order a sample, approve it, and then send the bulk order directly to Amazon’s fulfillment center.








Jade J, Inc. is a new consumer electronics brand that believes consumers deserve original designs. Its products are designed in California, in collaboration with ANDesign Lab, one of Orange County’s leading industrial design firms. Jade J decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the final stages of manufacturing, release the product at a discounted price, and to get the word out.




“Jade J wanted to find a solution to consumers’ style needs, without sacrificing quality or functionality,” said Jason Jen, founder and president of Jade J, Inc. “Our products provide the same level of performance and reliability of more well-known brands, while also offering stylish color schemes and designs that people would actually want to show to their friends.”


JadeLink is a 2-in-1 micro USB and Lightning cable. One of the key features of this product is the convenient silicon strap—switch between USB and Lightning without worrying about losing an adapter. You’ll always have the right adapter–whether your friends are Android or Apple.




JadeBuds are the designer headphones—I don’t know about you—but headphones play a significant role in my life. Set out to create headphones that were as much an extension of our personalities as the music we listen to. Key features on the JadeBud are the tangle-resistant, flat cable and the real metal pendant that adorns each ear piece.


The PowerBump is a mini keychain powerbank designed to be with you at all times. Because of that, it’s extremely portable and convenient, and pretty much a must have for anyone who has ever found themselves in a situation where they need a quick charge, such as at the end of the night to call an Uber.




The PowerBoost is a light and slim powerbank that provides a full charge or more to your smartphone. You’ll see how convenient it is any time you’re on-the-go, or even if you’re at home and don’t want to be stuck next to an outlet. Its beautiful electroplated finish that really shines in the sun.




“It would always be the same old story,” Jason continues, “whether if it’s on Amazon or even other specific brand websites, no design ever particularly stood out to me. I wanted to team up with like-minded individuals to originally design products so that the marketplace can finally be introduced to tech products that actually have a focus on aesthetics.”


Whether you are at the beach or you’re at home and don’t want to be plugged into the wall, bring Jade J with you everywhere.

About Jade J

Jade J is an emerging tech start-up based in southern California, offering a line of sleek and innovative mobile device accessories.

Led by Jason Jen, founder and president of Jade J, the company aims to deliver the trendiest tech to the everyday man and woman. One doesn’t have to be a techie, fashionista, or hipster to put the products to good use.

The company name is inspired by the jade gemstone. Prized in ancient China, jade embodies 5 virtues: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, bravery, and integrity. As a result, all product colors are named after other gemstones.

Check out their Kickstarter, which they just debuted! It’s worth the look.



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