Samsung’s Entrim 4D Headphones Turns Virtual Reality Into a Whole Body Experience

The concept of virtual reality has been around for decades, but has only recently begun to draw attention and interest from the masses. Computers are now powerful enough to deliver high quality images and videos, preventing the kind of “stuttering” that destroys the visual effect of virtual reality technology.


Samsung just released a prototype for its Entrim 4D Headphones at SXSW 2016. What makes Samsung’s virtual reality headset different from its competitors, like the Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive, is that it includes headphones to make its virtual reality a whole body experience.


The Entrim 4D Headphones combine algorithms and Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to kindle your senses by sending electric messages to a nerve in the part of your ear that regulates balance and motion. The headphones basically make the wearer feel like they are physically engaging their whole body in what they are seeing on the goggles – how cool is that!


The combination of the goggles and the headphones also solves the problem of what has come to be known as “cybersickness,” a side effect of virtual reality that has symptoms similar to motion sickness. Many people have complained that current virtual reality technology leaves them feeling nauseous and with a massive headache. Samsung’s Entrim 4D headphones alleviate the cybersickness by tricking the brain into thinking the motion of the body matches the image or video on display.


Through cutting edge products like Samsung’s Entrim 4D Headphones, people are able to be transported to places they have never been before – whether real or imaginary – without physically leaving the comforts of their own home. We are definitely living in a time where virtual reality has finally become a reality – I can’t wait to see how this technology will be developed further, and adopted by the masses!

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