Braindance: NeuroScience, Graphic Design, and Music

  • Braindance is a multidisciplinary project. The creators used EEG and graphic design to create a visual representation of how a user feels and is affected by music. With the help of BlackBox, 20 volunteers’s brainwaves were measured while listening to a piece of music composed by kleemar. The subject were inside of a blackbox, deprived from all senses besides hearing, and connected to an EEG. The team concentrated on visualizing focus and flow, which they believe to be the most significant and scientifically explainable measure. Focus tells how concentrated the person is and flow shows the person’s degree of relaxation. The results are visualized in the form of posters, show below. Each participant got to take home their poster.
  • Music: kleemar
    Design & visualization: Črtomir Just
    The box: Gregor Purgaj
    Project coordination: Ahac Meden
    Events management & support: Ahac Meden, Ivor Knafelj, MIKK
    Technical execution: Manuel Kuran & Luka Zevnik – BlackBox
    Print: DigiFot
    Financial support: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Centralna Postaja MB, DigiFot
    The music:




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