Smart phones, smart watches and smart homes; what will be next? Well, obviously smart guitars. Mind Music Labs has created Sensus, the world’s first ‘real’ smart guitar. It takes features from your traditional guitar and combines it with wireless connectivity, allowing it to receive, process and share music and data. Built with the same wood as a Stradivari violin and real guitar strings, Sensus not only feels like a real guitar, it sounds like one too.


Sensus is a 360 degree music system that can produce any sound transmitted wirelessly to it, or generated by its technological core. The Red Spruce soundboards, used on Stradivari violins, guarantees crystal clear quality, while also allowing sound to be produced at the same intensity 360 degrees around the instrument. There is no need for plugs, amplifiers or other accessories with Sensus, which will sure make traveling to gigs a whole lot easier. 

So what makes Sensus a true smart device? – Its Lab of Things (LoT) platform, of course. Sensus’ LoT platform features state of the art sensors and a powerful digital brain, which allows it to be used in both the studio and onstage. Sensus’ smart features provide players with the ability to modulate and affect their music in unprecedented ways, live. Think midi controller and a classic guitar rolled into one harmonious instrument that is Sensus – pretty neat actually!

Players can record and share their performances online, in studio-level quality, or stream and play directly on their favorite songs. Also, because of Sensus’ wireless connectivity, players can jam together with friends at a distance. Unfortunately, Sensus is still in the development stage, with its capabilities changing weekly. Mind Music Labs hope to have a market-ready prototype by the end of the year. It should be interesting to see what an actual physical product will sound and look like. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

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