Donated to LACMA : Goldstein House

Hollywood native, fashion enthusiast and friend to the stars, James Goldstein, has officially announced that he’ll soon donate his famous Beverly Hills mansion to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.

74e67165c18ddefad8e33b1952fdc533 Although, it may be a little easier to wait for LACMA to host a Sheats-Goldstein exhibition than to personally receive an invite by James Goldstein himself. Until then, here are photos from online.

Helen, an artist, and Paul, a university professor, had John Lautner 100th Birthday Architecture Tourpreviously commissioned Lautner for the 1948-1949 Sheats Apartments project located adjacent to UCLA.

The house, originally built for Helen and Paul Sheats and their three children, is an example of American Organic Architecture that derives its form as an extension of the natural environment and of the individual to whom it was built; typical of Lautner’s work.

Although still owned and in use by Goldstein, the Goldstein-Sheats exhibition will soon open for viewing. Constructed in 1961 for the Sheats family, the property was sold to Goldstein in 1972.

The home has famously appeared in The Big Lebowski (as John Treehorn’s home), Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s 2005 video for “Lets Get Blown”Charlie’s Angeles: Full Throttle (as John Cleese’s house), and in that movie where Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton play bank robbers (Bandits).

John Lautner sleekly built the home in 1963 to have no 90-degree angles in the entire home’s design. The unique fittings and furnishings are all designed by Lautner into a cave-like dwelling with a soaring concrete roof and long frameless glass walls.


Goldstein worked with Lautner in keeping with the original design philosophy, deciding the barriers between the inside and outside should be broken down.

He will be allowing LACMA to organize limited tours and events while he is living in the house. Later, LACMA envisions using the house for fundraisers, exhibitions and conferences.

As an art aficionado, Goldstein reached out to esteemed visual artists James Turrell and added a rare 1-of-1 sky space called Above Horizon. Originally, Goldstein conceived this art installation as collaboration between Lautner and Turrell, but Lautner passed away before the project came into fruition.

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The promised donation also includes an art collection with works by Ed Ruscha, De Wain Valentine, and Kenny Scharf.

Oh, the home prides itself for its stunning tennis court AND fully loaded dance-club venue as well… Keep updated for more info on tours !


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