Sili Squeeze Wins IDA ’14 Product Design Bronze Award

Founded in 2007, ANDESIGN is a fully integrated product design firm committed to helping companies design, engineer and deliver exceptional products. Our passionate team of designers and engineers use every tool in their arsenal to enhance user experience and brand integrity. Utilizing both our creative skills and manufacturing knowledge, we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient product development solutions that reflect our clients values and needs.
We believe that great design embraces new technology while retaining the traditional values of impeccable craftsmanship, authenticity and customer service. We believe that truly exceptional products enhance experiences by making things a little easier and a lot more exciting.
Our mission is to provide businesses and individuals with first-class product design services and solutions that leverage clients position in todays competitive market. We are committed to building client value through our technical and creative expertise, continuous innovation and efficiency. We are a scalable organization that is committed to revolutionary design that enhances the user experience.


This is ANDesign’s second IDA win.

More about Sili Squeeze here.


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