Stoked on Graze

At ANDesign we love snacks…Who doesn’t? With an insanely busy and chaotic schedule though it’s hard to choose foods that are nutritious, quick and taste great. That’s why when we heard about Graze we were beyond excited.

They deliver healthy, proportioned snacks right to your home or office for only  $6 including shipping. How insane is that?!

Aside from the health aspects of Graze, we love the packaging design!  They did an awesome job of creating well designed snack-box.


Graze box

We’ll break down how it works for you (even though they make it super easy to use)…

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in our “friendcode” as your promotional code: CGY4MNMNE
  3. Fill out your information and tell them where you want it delivered to
  4. Look through the snacks and trash anything you don’t think you would like (we’re willing to try everything*) and they’ll send the rest every two weeks

*Cookies and Cream is our favorite so far!

Other reasons to choose Graze for your snacking activities:

  • Their packaging is from a sustainable forest and is 100% recyclable.
  • They have founded a farming school in Uganda to provide the people with a means of feeding themselves and having a form of income.


Keep up the awesome work guys!


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