5 Design Sites to Fuel Your Imagination and Satiate Your Boredom

Ever find yourself spending a good two hours online researching random cool stuff that you (a) have no practical use for or (b) could never afford in your wildest dreams? Yeah, it’s like crack. We’ve put together a list of our favorite design inspiration/procrastination/fascination sites that have us hooked. So shield your screen from your coworkers and get pinning. Actually, save it for your down time…you’ll probably get caught.

Uncrate coins itself as “the digital magazine for guys who loves stuff” and they’re pretty spot on about it. Featuring everything from unnecessary (but intriguing) grilling gadgets to a $32,000 Lamborghini bicycle, this site is packed with outrageous and innovative product concepts that we can’t get enough of.



For design inspiration check out Fancy, where users post inspiring products, concepts, photographs and interiors. With more of an emphasis on apparel and furniture, this may appeal the fashion forward design types. Geometric, cobalt clutch, anyone? EAVE14 Clutch by Georgina Skalidi

eaves geo bag


Browse incredible places and spaces on Inthralld. This addictive blog is dedicated to architecture and interior design. Also, great for getting ideas for your dream home. I will have a swimming pool dividing my kitchen and living room someday. Design by Rudy Ricciotti

Tripod Agency


EDC is a unique and personal favorite of mine. On Everyday Carry, or EDC, viewers empty their pockets to showcase the magnificently mini items or gadgets that they carry in their pockets and wallets. Submissions of your tiny goods are encouraged. Apparently a lot of people walk around with box cutters in their pockets…



For those that are exclusively interested in product design and the creative process involved, check out Industrial Design Served by Behance. Many projects posted include concept sketches and market research. Gizmos and gadgets galore designed by fellow product designer firms and freelance professionals. Check out the design process and video for the Ford Evos Concept Car.


I hope this was a beneficial resource for you fellow product design lovers. Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite sites for design inspiration and product hunting?



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