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Thinking Like an Industrial Designer

“Who has a Behance?”… None of the design department bothered answering.   ANDesign Lab’s industrial designer, Ming Chen then presents me with his website.   “Thanks for visiting my site! I am currently an industrial designer at ANDesign. It has been a blast after graduating.


AeroMorph – Shape Changing Material

Could this futuristic inflatable fabric change industrial design? Massachusetts Institute of Technology is always at the forefront of technological advancements. MIT’s tangible media group presents “aeroMorph”, a programmable paper, plastic, and fabric self-folding origami-like inflatable structure. Whether airbags or something more exotic like a Lamzac, we’ve all experienced


New Start-Up Tech You Should Know About

Every brand is a digital company now, which is exactly why you should stop thinking of them all the same way. From 3D printing to virtual reality, all companies are adapting to new technology. Why shouldn’t you? 2016 has been the year of 3D revelations.


Thingiverse Today: 5 Things to 3D Print

As you may know, DelaBuzz is a blog incubated by ANDesign, an industrial design firm. So we have access to a gang of 3D printers. Today we’ve picked a selection of our favorite of the most recent “things” on Thingiverse, listed them and printed them. Here



3D printing is old news with how accessible and more affordable 3D printers have become. Despite this, 3D printing is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing fashion designers the ability to create visual effects with their designs that otherwise could not have been realized. Van


Mcor IRIS: Full Color 3D Printing with Paper

I believe there are two key factors that are holding back 3D printers from escaping its niche. The first is the material used to build models – the filaments are made from plastic and are specific to each 3D printer. There is no true one-size-fits-all