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Temples of the West

David Best is an American sculptor most notably known for the use of recycled goods, primarily well known for building immense temples out of recycled wood sheets (discarded from making toys and other punch-outs). AND being the architect behind the annual burning building at a desert

Null Stern - Swiss

World’s First Zero-Star Hotel

Ever heard of an open-air hotel? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like…but give it a look before you give it your dismay.   Think about their mission statement  “the only star is you” as a five-star hotel’s motto, rather than a standard hotel rating…and you get: The


Designing L.A.

When the city is populated with as many creatives as LA is, options for cultivating creativity are limitless. Downtown Los Angeles is becoming one of the most vibrant and exciting urban centers in America for design. Four historical Southern California landmarks are in the process


Donated to LACMA : Goldstein House

Hollywood native, fashion enthusiast and friend to the stars, James Goldstein, has officially announced that he’ll soon donate his famous Beverly Hills mansion to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.  Although, it may be a little easier to wait for LACMA to host a

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The Solar State

California is home to gorgeous coastlines, rugged mountains and plenty of sunshine almost yearlong.  The state is also arguably one of the most environmentally conscious landscapes when it comes to using alternative energy. In fact, the Gov. Jerry Brown passed legislation that would require 33%