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CES 2017

CES 2017: Pre-Market Technology. What to Expect?

The world’s tech industry has gathered in Las Vegas to bet big on their newest, coolest, and weirdest, new products at CES 2017. It’s never really a “new year” until after the holidays because that’s when all the new tech innovations are displayed to market. Today is

Battery Life

2016, the Year of Faulty Battery

Battery Life The shortcoming of  battery in 2016 devices was a real deal breaker (and recall enforcement). We got to see a lot of tech gone wrong this year. So rounding up a particular tech-issue for the year was tough…but of course, we could leave


Must Share: Parrot’s Affordable Drones

If you’re like me and you’d love a drone, but you’re not willing to fork out over a grand to have one, then Parrot has the products for you. They have a diverse selection of affordable drones with unique sets of capabilities. The Rolling Spider – $99.99