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Thinking Like an Industrial Designer

“Who has a Behance?”… None of the design department bothered answering.   ANDesign Lab’s industrial designer, Ming Chen then presents me with his website.   “Thanks for visiting my site! I am currently an industrial designer at ANDesign. It has been a blast after graduating.


Which is best: Incubators or Venture Capitalists?

#Incubators were once the sleepy domain of universities and public development agencies. However, business incubators show life in the internet era. Focused on providing new ventures not just with funding, but also with services, advice, connections, and physical space, they offer a new way for



Everyone by now has heard of Coolest Cooler, the second largest Kickstarter campaign and biggest fail. Coolest comes complete with a high-performance blender, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, USB charger, LED lid light, cooler divider/cutting board, bottle opener, reusable plastic plates and a ceramic knife – I


iam8Bit: A Video Game Gallery

As the name suggests, iam8Bit’s gallery is dedicated to video games – mostly from the 80’s. The walls are filled with art inspired by Mario, Zelda, Metroid Prime and my personal favorite, Rockman (commonly known as Mega Man stateside). Last night, the collective hosted a 10 year


ANDESIGN at the Getty Villa

When talking about design, it is impossible to forget that much of our understanding of the subject comes from the observation of structures and art pieces from Antiquity. As we toured the Getty Villa we were continuously impressed with the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity we saw