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Meet Our Writer: Ben Balana

Ben is our resident writer posting weekly articles on Dela Buzz. He keeps readers updated through exploring cultural impact of current design aesthetics and trends, while also copywriting for ANDESIGN’s website and clientele. Name: Ben Balana Title: Content Writer What inspires you to write an article about design?

Photo by Phandroid

Tech News: HTC RE

The HTC RE is a handheld, waterproof camera created to eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple clicks between the photo and video modes on your phone. This mini one-button, point-and-shoot camera was deigned to fit in your hand perfectly; there is no power button, however, a


4 Sleek Products for Water Conservation

In our previous blog we talked about climate change and possible solutions for water shortages during a drought, but we also thought we should include some products for you to get to a start on water conservation.   The Save Spa Showerhead 1.5 GPM (Gallons


Our Favorite K-Cup Designs

In honor of National Coffee Day, we thought it would be cool to pick out our favorite k-cup designs. In doing so, we were perplexed to find that there was no real range of designs within the niche–not to undermine our top contestants. So, at the end


DIY Guy: Clipboards

What we used: Clipboards Pen Decorative paper Cutting board X-acto knife Matte Mod Podge Paint brush Step 1:  Clip the paper onto the board and cut the length of the clip. Take out the paper and cut a line in the center above the cut you


Fall by Design: Products to get This Season

Fall isn’t all about pumpkin everything–though some may disagree–it is, however, the perfect time to experience the outdoors. We’re making sure you stay well equipped with some of the products we’re looking at for the Harvest season. 1. Handpresso Outdoor Set Hybrid 2. Harveys Berkeley

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AN Takes Austin: South Austin Gallery & Laguna Gloria

We stayed at an exceptionally well decorated house we found on Airbnb for the week we were in Austin. When we asked about some of the items, Angel–the owner of the house–directed us to South Austin Gallery. They photograph noteworthy sightings around Austin and then print


DIY Guy: Fan

  We’ve made a quick DIY fan from some office scraps due to the wave of heat that has swept over our area.   What we used: Multiple colors of cardstock (we used an old mailer of ours for the fan) Gator board Glue X-acto knife