The Magic Behind a Modern Day Advert Campaign

It happens every time. I swear, if I wasn’t so delved into the fashion world, I’d be swept off my feet by these ads!

Recall the last time you walked into a Footlocker or a Champs for that matter…what lured you in? It’s always the ads! They’re magical–embedding a feeling of self worth and comfort.

Follow the process behind a recent Nike campaign unveiling the already patented Flyknit material on their classic Air Max 1 style as presented by creative house AIX SPONZA.

Here’s how they created the entire retail package stemming from the concept and direction dictated by their paired video. See how the shop’s window displays, “engage zones”, footwear walls, pedestals and turning 3D assets came into real actual objects to put up in stores in the video below:









When Nikes Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit is hitting the stores “launch” will have a whole new meaning. High up in the sky we don’t loose grip or traction and celebrate the latest killer shoe of Nike in all it’s lightweight glory. And Nike Sportswear | Global Brand Design is heavy on the coolness slide. – AIX SPONZA via Behance.

Spawning from the visual style of the central animation a whole lot of things were created to form a complete retail package.






It’s never that easy on the first try. Before running with the ballooney Air Max 1 aftereffects there were a whole lot of ideas. Lets be real–there are a whole lot more concepts that never got to see the light of day.


Equipped with complete freedom to bring the lightest layouts to light we had fun with tons of mood images. Also we warmed up our technical setup muscles and flexed a few nodes and simulations into soft squishy shapes that we could cover with knitted material only to have that torn of like rubber. Well here’s the process reel:









Guess ya wanna see more of those mood images, huh?





According to AIX SPONZA, it’s an established thing in Nike animations to highlight a majestic shot of knitting happening. In order to get a feel for the pattern, they resorted to…real life knitting, reproducing the Flyknit pattern with a big thread on large scale.





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