The Original Squeeze Visits ANDesign China

Did you know ANDesign Lab has an office in the manufacturing capital of the world? ANDesign Lab is one of the few industrial design firms equipped to handle the manufacturing process for its clients. Recently, The Original Squeeze had the opportunity to visit ANDesign China and get a behind the scenes look into the manufacturing process of their Sili Squeeze bottle.


ANDesign China welcomes Kristen Ahmer, CEO and founder of The Original Squeeze, to China.


The Original Squeeze and ANDesign China meet for the first time.


Kim learns about the manufacturing process.


ANDesign takes Kim on a tour of the factory.


The Original Squeeze and ANDesign China go out for seafood.


Manufacturing overseas can be risky and result in failure without the proper communication channel. ANDesign Lab’s China office acts as that communication channel, allowing the company to closely control and monitor the entire manufacturing process. The Original Squeeze’s visit to ANDesign China looked like tons of fun, now I want to take a trip to China!

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