Thingiverse Today: 5 Things to 3D Print

As you may know, DelaBuzz is a blog incubated by ANDesign, an industrial design firm.

So we have access to a gang of 3D printers.



Today we’ve picked a selection of our favorite of the most recent “things” on Thingiverse, listed them and printed them.

Here are the results (numbered, but in no particular order):


1. Aluminium Can Lid:

This is undoubtedly useful. Whether you’re popping the can back in the fridge while you run to the store,

or you’re camping and you’re hoping to keep bugs out, this thing will come in handy.

We had a hard time making this top fit onto a can and it definitely required some shaving down.

If you get a chance to print this, leave a comment and let us know your results.



On Thingiverse


2. Fruit Bowl or Plant Pot:

We haven’t printed this one yet. (It’s a large print that requires a good bit of time.)

But we like the simple concept and the look.

Leave a comment with a picture if you get a chance to print it.

On Thingiverse


3. Earphone Holder:

I’m sure there are plenty of other earphone holders on Thingiverse,

but I liked this one particularly because it has an insert for the 3.5mm cable tip.

It might not fit your headphones, but I’m sure you could remix it so that it will.

This was a bit tough to clean up but the overall quality of this print was high.



On Thingiverse


4. Venetial Blind Rope Knob:

Who hasn’t seen a blind rope missing a knob? Who the hell knows where to get a replacement?

Who the hell would actually take time to go to a store or to order a replacement online?

Well, with this cool Thingiverse download you can spruce up, replace, or repair your blind rope knob.

This thing seems to be pretty solid, so you might need a drill to hollow it out.


On Thingiverse


5. Cabinet Door/Drawer Hook

I’m pretty sure they sell this at your local drug store. Why buy it when you can simply print it?

Remix it to fit the various doors and drawers throughout your house. Clean up that messy floor space!

This one was easy to clean up and printed easily.



On Thingiverse


What’s your favorite thing on Thingiverse?

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