Tools Every Amateur Designer Should Have

We’ve comprised a list of tools that we believe any amateur designer should have.

The ANDesign team has a wide variety of designers all working together to create amazing products and we all agree that what every designer needs–no matter what kind of designer you are–is a pencil and a sketch book with you all the time. It doesn’t matter the size or brand: just get something to jot down ideas or sketches that you’ll have with you when that thought pops into your head.

1. Sketch Pad and Pencil



You’re going to need to know a lot about color and have multiple ways of coloring in your designs.

2. Color Wheel

3. Markers

4. Paint and Brushes




The quality of your designs is going to show through your attention to detail and precision. You’re also going to need something to carry all of your supplies around.

5. X-acto Knife

6. Matte Cutting Board

7. Ruler (metal with foam or cork underneath)

8. Art Bin                                                



Getting a quality camera should be on your to-get list as well. You’re going to want to document all of your work.


We also suggest you get a sturdy backpack with multiple compartments–art supplies can get heavy!


Everything you need:



Happy designing!

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