Treeline Woodworks: A Preview

AN Design will be moving to a new office in Newport Beach in less than two weeks. New office means new furniture. Principal Designer & Founder Andrew Namminga has been hunting for cool, unique pieces to furnish the new office space.





In the search, he came across Treeline Woodworks. Treeline has been around for the past 15 years operating in the cuts of Elysian Park, along the Los Angeles River. They have made a reputation from using reclaimed woods and metal manufactured all in the United States. By salvaging wood that’s more than 70 years old, Treeline guarantees to “[build] things that draw from the quality of the materials that old, turn age into their strength and can carry the legacy of the past into the future.”


Treeline’s Yard contains tons of salvaged lumber waiting for a second chance.

They transform decrepit lumber into gorgeous table tops, chairs and benches. This shop is the definition of upcycling – taking old materials and objects and re-purposing them to create something new.





This morning, I was at Treeline to drop our off our deposit and get our order started. Although my stay was brief, I was able to take a few snaps and get a glimpse into the workshop. I wanted to go in deeper, but the air was thick with sawdust and wood-shavings. Next time, I’ll make sure to bring a dust mask.




I’ll be back when they get started on our projects to take progress pictures. Until then, stay tuned!

Here’s some artsy wood pieces I found around the office!

DSCF4670 DSCF4632 DSCF4651


One thought on “Treeline Woodworks: A Preview”

  1. mark steve says:

    My name is Mark Steve i came across your company through a search and am looking for some products to order.Here is the information below.

    For a standard dining table (42″ x 64″) that seats 4-6.
    the types of wood that i need on the table is oak wood.

    you can email me back with any types of dining table that you make and get back to me as soon you can .

    2 of each dining table

    I will like you to get back to me if you can get me this type and also include pricing and form of payments you take.I will be looking forward to your prompt respond.

    Yours Faithfully
    Mr Mark Steve

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