Treeline Woodworks: Update #1

I took another visit to Treeline Woodworks today to see the progress on our new furniture.

I met Ad Sachan, the instigator behind Treeline Woodworks. He gave me a quick tour around the premise.

First we visited the metal shop, which was just a few steps away from the show room.



Ad Sachan explaining where the metal should be to act as a support for a stool.


A completed frame of a chair

Above is the frame of a chair, ready for wood. Andrew ordered a few high chairs, which will have the same shape, albeit with longer legs.

Ad then walked me across their lumber yard to this pile. These planks used to be school bleachers.



With a little bit of elbow grease and polish, Ad and his team of skilled craftsmen were able to make this:



Then we stepped into the wood shop. The air was thick with sawdust and made it somewhat difficult to breathe. I had to put my shirt over my nose and mouth, but Ad was unfazed.

He then showed me their CNC machine.



The bright yellow “foot” is actually a vacuum that sucks up the sawdust as the mill cuts a design.



The CNC mills take blank boards like this:



And turns them into this:



The white boards are actually parts that will slide together to form one a new shelf for our Newport Beach office!

Across from the CNC mill was this beast of a sander:


Using this piece of machinery, the woodworkers at Treeline can ensure that a table or any surface will be completely flat and leveled. With handheld sanders, it’s possible to sand too deep in one place, creating an uneven finish.

On my way back to the show room, I noticed these cool legs – I’m guessing they’ll be made into tables for one of Treeline’s many clients.



As I was leaving Ad’s office, I noticed he had a wooden sliding door. He had actually built the rails and done all the wood and metal work himself.




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