Treeline Woodworks Update #3

Our tables are finally coming together!



When speaking to Ad, he had mentioned that these pieces of wood came from Iowa. It’s pretty wild to think that these tables started as trees growing in who knows where, got chopped shipped and built in Iowa for a number of years before making an almost 2,000 mile trek back to California to be upcycled and repurposed.



All this needs is a layer of clear coat to protect the wood.

Today was also the first day I was able to really see how big our tables would be!


This is the table immediately after being welded together.

Ad uses a chemical process to oxidize the metal and turn the steel black . “The solution ‘rusts’ the steel in the color so when it is exposed to any elements in the future, it won’t react, since it’s already done that,” said Ad. “It’s one of the stronger and more durable metal finishes.”





After some clear coat, the finished product will look something like this: DSCF6918

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