Treeline Woodworks x ANDesign

Last week, the office took a trip to Treeline Woodworks to pick up our finished furniture.

Because of the massive meeting tables, we had to rent a UHaul truck just to get everything down to Newport Beach in one trip!

Upon walking into the office, we were greeted by the sight of our new 12-foot conference table and bar table!


It took 8 guys just to lift this conference table into the truck.




After we had loaded and strapped these two gargantuan pieces into the UHaul, we took a short stroll across the street to get a look at Andrew’s desk, our bar stools and cubbies.



Here’s Andrew’s desk on a rolling stand, ready for the unveiling


The look on Andrew’s face says it all.



We were impressed with the way the table tops came out. They were a bit dinged up from their previous life, but in all honesty, I think it just gives the wood that much more character. The wood wears its patina proudly. It’s cool to imagine that before it was a desk in Newport, it came from a demolished building somewhere in Iowa. Talk about upcycling, eh?treelinedesk-27



We also got to look at our new barstools.


There’s slight variations in the oak to make each chair one of a kind!


We had to carefully wrap up the chairs to make sure they didn’t get scratched on the way back down to Newport.



We sat in traffic for almost two hours, but it was worth it!





Here we’ve got our tables and hi-chairs all set up for client meetings!




Sadly, our other meeting table was much too big and the extra legs that hold up the table top had to get cut in order for us to squeeze it through the doorway.






We’ve also built out our cubbies!




We’re in love with our new furniture! The quality and craftsman ship is second to none. Plus, we get the good feeling of upcycling old wood!

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