Uber Beacon adds Color-System to Distinguish Car for Rider

Uber Beacon has found out how to get you to your ride in the clutter of leaving a concert. 

Uber announced in December 2016 that it will be deploying new hardware called Uber Beacon in select cities, starting in Miami, Denver, Nashville and Newcastle in the UK early in 2017. The ride-hailing startup unveiled Uber Beacon, which can be placed under the driver’s windshield. Its purpose is to identify the car by flashing a designated color. 


Beacon is similar to Lyft’s Amp, a device unveiled last month that flashes a certain color from the dashboard. Funny how Lyft doesn’t get the blog written about them…But lets be fair here. Lyft’s version is cool, too. Lyft’s color combo hardware also has a mock dot-matrix display on the reverse side, which can show text messages to riders once they’re on board.



Coincidentally enough, Amp will officially hit the road on New Year’s Eve in cities across America.

Uber isn’t exactly late to this – the company ran a pilot project with a prototype light trip that offered a range of color options beginning back in December of last year in Seattle

uber beacon

When you hail an Uber, you can select from a wide variety of colors within the app. Your car will then display an Uber logo lit up with that same color, making it easier to pick out in a crowded place or at night. The final version of this hardware has the gadget in the shape of Uber’s actual icon, as mentioned, which should further help with identification, and riders can select any potential RGB color output using a sliding color wheel, which means there’s very little chance of having two riders select the same color in the same place at the same time.

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