Vision Vehicle: BMW Unveils Its Concept Car for the Future


In celebration of its 100th birthday, BMW unveiled its Vision Next 100 concept car to show the direction the company wants to head in over the next century. The Vision Next 100 looks similar to other luxury cars currently on the market, with its stunning features subtly woven into the design.


The wheel design of the Vision Next 100 is unreal! The wheels are completely covered with geometry that is, literally, alive, changing the contour of the car when driving. Also, 800 moving triangles are embedded into the dashboard of the car, allowing for a constant flow of information to be communicated to the driver. Because of its “live geometry,” the Vision Next 100 can easily adjust to road conditions, and makes the vehicle highly aerodynamic.


The Vision Next 100 also features different “modes” – and no, I’m not just talking about automatic or manual. A self-driving mode actually allows the car to drive itself. The boost mode gives full control to the driver, and enhances regular driving by projecting optimal driving lines onto the windshield. In easy mode the interior adjusts to make everything more comfortable for the driver. The steering wheel retracts, the seats self-adjust and the windshields cloud in this mode to enjoy the vehicle’s entertainment. Um, a car where I could sit back and relax while it acts as chauffer – yes, please!


There’s also the companion component that does exactly like its name implies. The companion component allows the Vision Next 100 to study the primary driver’s preferences and driving style, so that it can eventually perform some of the driver’s daily tasks by itself or offer advice on how to complete certain tasks. Now that’s a smart car!


Cars are now in demand more than ever, with car sales skyrocketing. Last year there was a record 17.5 million cars sold in the U.S., a record 21.1 million in China, and a record 3.03 million in India. With these record car sales, it’s no wonder that automakers like BMW are pushing the envelope with innovate design concepts for futuristic cars. Move over Apple and Faraday, BMW’s Vision Next 100 looks pretty rad.

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  1. Trudy says:

    Smart thkiinng – a clever way of looking at it.

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