What the Hell is an Autonomous Suitcase ?!

ATTENTION ALL FELLOW TRAVELERS: The First and Only Robotic suitcase is here!

 COWAROBOT R1, moves on its own, frees your hands, and makes travel less of a drag!


If you ever want to pull the luggage yourself instead of having it follow you, just touch the handle… BUT why would you want to do that?!

COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous smart suitcase, that follows its users while avoiding any obstacles in its path. They’ve merged tracking technology with the suitcase in hopes that this new invention can allow people to travel more conveniently.

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DUDE. It can transition easily from hardwood floors to carpets, and handle uneven roads. It moves at 4.5mph and can handle slopes up to 15°.

The R1 can see and feel the world around it. CO-EYE our patented sensor  is constantly collecting and sending data back to the CO-MOVE Processor.

It Finds Way Back to You_zps1de9fnvbWith a simple double tap on your R1 bracelet, the CO-MOVE system will plan a path, and navigate COWAROBOT R1 around obstacles making its way back to you.

The R1 uses a portable power bank as its power source. You can easily charge your devices directly from the power bank, or with the integrated USB ports on the suitcase when the power bank is inserted.


COWAROBOT R1 is equipped with CO-SMART, our patented intelligent lock system, and a proximity alarm. With a keyless remote and LED lockindicator, your belongings are guaranteed to be safe.


The best part–it makes getting past security check points quicker! With a one-push open lid, your electronic devices and important documents are easily accessible. Never fumble through your stuff again.

Actually, the best part is that you can NEVER lose your luggage again… we all know how important your suitcase really is to TSA….


Back their campaign via IndieGoGo. They’re more than 90% of the way there!

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