World’s First Zero-Star Hotel

Ever heard of an open-air hotel? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like…but give it a look before you give it your dismay.


epa01551725 Holger Sigmund, left, shaves as Peter Schulter leaves the shower room in the Zero Star Hotel which is situated in a former nuclear bunker several meters below the ground in Sevelen, Switzerland, 14 November 2008. Volunteer guests stayed at the hotel for a trial run. The hotel is due to open in early 2009 with the cost of a night's stay ranging from around 6 to 18 Euros. EPA/ENNIO LEANZA

Think about their mission statement  “the only star is you” as a five-star hotel’s motto, rather than a standard hotel rating…and you get: The Null Stern Hotel. 

A former nuclear bunker converted into a hotel. A prototype opened in Teufen, Appenzellerland, Switzerland on June 5, 2009 and was transformed into a museum in June 2010.


At the time of announcing the first hotel, future hotels were also announced to undergo planning in urban locations.  From a nuclear bunker to the Swiss countryside: no real estate, no walls and no roof.

Null Stern - Swiss

On July 2, 2016, the conceptual artists, Frank and Patrik Riklin, Atelier fur Sonderaufgaben and hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier, Minds in Motion SA, re-opened “Null Stern– the only star is you” in form of an open air double bed.

With support from the Art Safiental and Safiental Tourism, the double bed is available for reservations.

This concept hotel is nestled in the mountains of Graubunden 6,460 feet above sea level and is only available autumn thru spring.



Buoyed by this success the management team now have their sights set on expanding to other countries, including the UK.

“The nuclear bunker concept was right for Switzerland, but it won’t necessarily suit other countries,” said Samira Singhvi-Charbonnier, head of UK development for the Null Stern. “We are looking for unusual and unused buildings above ground, like boarding schools, fire stations, office buildings or banks. This is in keeping with the idea of recycling forgotten spaces, about keeping the environmental footprint to a minimum.”

Null Stern’s Swiss Alps room is now available to the public from spring through autumn, and can be yours for 250 Swiss Francs CHF (approximately $255 USD) a night.

Would you stay here?

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