XPNDBLS Launches Kickstarter to Fund First Modular Accessory Platform with USB Type-C

Product Image 3

From left to right, the XPNDBLS Battery, the XPNDBLS Shell, and the two piece outer case, which make up the XPNDBLS Battery Case


Today, XPNDBLS (pronounced “expandibles”) launched their first Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund their modular phone case. Unlike traditional battery-charging cases where the battery is locked into the external housing, the XPNDBLS Battery Case will feature a removable battery capable of transforming into a universal power bank. By liberating the battery, the consumer will have the freedom to choose whether to use the battery to specifically charge their phone or any of their USB-powered devices with ease.

XPNDBLS will be the first phone accessory manufacturers to implement the USB Type-C connector. Top tier electronics manufacturers, such as Apple and Google, are beginning to recognize the advantages of using such a connection. This new connection will be reversible and let users charge their devices faster than a standard USB wall charger. Type-C is destined to be the new USB standard.

XPNDBLS utilizes state-of-the-art battery management technology to deliver the most efficient in charge and discharge battery cycling. XPNDBLS will also employ an innovative multi-level battery protection to ensure the longevity and sustainability of its internal battery as well as external devices.

We are excited to be working with XPNDBLS to provide them with portable power solutions based on our single-chip powerbank ICs,” says David Briggs, Vice President and General Manager of Power Solutions at Active-Semi International, Inc. “Our  expanding portfolio of powerbank solutions provides the high efficiency and large charging current capabilities demanded by these systems,  while offering the fastest time-to-market thanks to reference designs based on these ICs.” More information about the powerbank solutions can be found on Active-Semi Power Bank Solutions website.

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Pictured above, the XPNDBLS Battery Case side by side with the XPNDBLS Battery as a universal power bank.



“I’m encouraging third-party developers to utilize our patent pending XPNDBLS platform and create their own unique application as they see fit,” said Kero Basilios, founder of XPNDBLS.  “I hope to channel this collaborative synergy to create some exciting hardware and enrich the user experience.”

By incorporating modularity and Type-C, the company aims to deliver a cutting-edge and future-proof product. XPNDBLS will be offering expansion kits that will let users attach their XPND accessories, such as the battery, to upcoming smart phones. Even if users change their phone, they can still use their XPND Battery as an external power bank – making the XPNDBLS Battery Case a safer investment than traditional battery-charging cases.

Upon product launch, XPNDBLS will be introducing an industry-first battery recycling program.

“We are offering a platform with long-term value,” said Andrew Namminga, co-founder of XPNDBLS. “Through our recycling program, customers can return their old XPND Battery and receive 50% off their next purchase. This will cut back on harmful e-waste, while extending a great benefit to our users.”

The XPNDBLS campaign is targeting a goal of $50,000 to help with development and production costs. The team will also be developing variations of the case for popular phones such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S6.

View the Kickstarter here or visit their website at XPNDBLS.com

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